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Population: 1.2 million
Capital: Nicosia
Languages: Greek, Turkish
Occupied by Turkey
Area: 9.251 km2
Currency: Euro
Member of: European Union
Time zone: EET (UTC +2)
- Turkish side has no summer/winter time
Drives on the left


Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, its the lasts capital in the world split in two. In the middle of old town you can go through the passport control.


One of the most popular party holiday locations in Europe, a wild nightlife combined with sunny beaches and perfect weather.


Located on the west coast, this fast-growing holiday location is where Aphrodite is said to have risen out of the sea.

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The family-friendly area featuring the famous Fig tree bay beach. You can find some nice restaurants here but there are mostly pubs with karaoke.


Should perhaps be called the second capital of Cyprus. This is more a work and live city than a tourist destination.

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The mixture of Cypriots working and living here together with the tourist makes this an interesting destination, sun and beach, shopping and good dining and nightlife.

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Many have already been captured by the magic of Cyprus, holding a special place in their heart. Perhaps it’s because they got married here or as many do just come to the island of love for taking their wedding photos. It’s easy to fall in love in Cyprus as well as falling in love while in Cyprus, the climate is temperate with hot air and warm waters. You can find a beach for every mood: family friendly, party, romantic, sporty and so on. Dining out is fantastic with local wines from Limassol and traditional meze in a traditional tavern in the mountains.

It is said that the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, risen from the foams created when the waves hit the rocks at Aphrodite’s rock in Paphos. Swim around the rock in the right direction and you will get seven years younger, swim the wrong way at your own risk.


Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world. The so-called Green line is a buffer zone patrolled by FN. The Green line is actually green from trees and grass that have taken over what used to be roads and buildings. The buildings inside the buffer zone still have bullet holes, sandbags and barbed wire block the roads. On the main shopping street, Ledra street there is a passport control and you can cross over by foot to the Turkish occupied side. The Cypriot side is a modern European city while the Turkish side gives you a feeling of stepping back in time. Nicosia is a must visit when in Cyprus if not for crossing over to the Turkish side so perhaps for the shopping, culture or nightlife.

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