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Easy Cyprus Holidays, all you need for a great holiday

Our vision is to give you the experience of charter while booking private.

What this means is that we will take care of you from the airport if you like. If it will be a regular transfer/minibus to your accommodation or a rental car waiting for you is up to you. We can have a tour guide come to the accommodation you booked and give you a briefing over Cyprus and things to do as a tourist. If you would need help, you are not alone!

Our approach for great turism

We don't like "All inclusive hotels", according to us they ruin the all the fun for tourists as well as the local economy. The all-inclusive concept came to be because it was dangerous for tourists to go outside the hotel, the hotel had to have everything available in their complex.

What we do like is local residents and we would like to help them give you a professional service. Most of our accommodations that you can book comes from small businesses or privately owned homes interrested in making some extra money on holiday seekers. Many of our excursions are from locals where the owner will be the one giving you all they can to provide a great experience.

To put it in simple words: We try to give you, and other tourists, the personal experience packed easily and professionally.